It takes teamwork to ensure that day after day guests experience something special at De Leest.

Together we must be a well-oiled machine. This takes focus, discipline and concentration. From all members of our team.

Only a genuine team works together smoothly, with everyone pointed in the same direction. Whether one prepares part of a dish or selects the wine to go with a dish, we all share the same aim: to provide our guests with a fantastic experience.

Everyone who works with us is therefore a member of Team De Leest.

Kim Veldman & Jacob Jan Boerma

Kim Veldman

Kim Veldman was born into the hospitality business. Her father was a maître d’hôtel and her mother also worked in hotels. After completing secondary schooling and a course in hotel management, Kim did an internship at the famous restaurant De Librije. She was only 16 at the time.

Between the ages of 16 and 23, Kim worked in a series of starred restaurants, including De Librije***, De Nederlanden* and De Hoefslag*.

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Jacob Jan Boerma

De weg naar het restaurant wat De Leest nu is, was er één van totale focus en overgave voor het vak, altijd nieuwsgierig zijn naar nieuwe uitdagingen, nooit stoppen met (bij)leren en slim anticiperen op alles wat er op je pad komt.

Nadat hij – zowel nationaal als internationaal op hoog niveau – bij diverse grote, internationaal bekende chefs heeft gewerkt, kwam het op het pad van Jacob Jan en Kim om een eigen zaak te openen. Samen waagden ze in 2002 de stap.

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Restaurant and kitchen are like yin and yang. The relaxed atmosphere for guests who come to share our experience contrasts sharply with the hectic kitchen, where the team works hard to present all dishes as perfectly as possible on the plate.

Forging this contrast into a smooth-running whole is what makes our profession so challenging, so enjoyable, and so exciting to maintain. Do you see it this way, too? Then apply to be a new member of our team.


De Leest is looking for:

A server

A part-time server

A maître sommelier

A dishwasher

(The most exciting careers began with washing dishes. Here’s your chance!)



Send an email with ‘application’ in the subject line. Include your name, telephone number, email address, and a cv/resumé. And, of course, indicate which job you are applying for.

For a job on the cooking staff, you can inquire any time about the possibilities.