Oysters, ” the sea and his season”

€ 35

Marinated oyster, jus of green apple, kimchi of cucumber
mousseline of white beer, lemon with caviar.

Steamed oyster, syrup of sweet and sour beetroot, impregnated
Eastern daikon.

Lukewarm oyster, Lardo di Colonnata, spicy pumpkin, spices
and jus of Ketjap Manis.



Black winter truffle & scallop

€ 42

Marinated and mi-cuit of scallop with soft potato, divers tastes of black winter truffle wit capers, shallot and fresh chicory.



North sea crab, miso & wasabi

 € 36

Fresh North Sea crab with miso cream, sweet and sour cucumber mousseline, cucumber marinated in citrus, jus of seaweed and vinaigrette of dill, wasabi and dashi.



Two versions of Langoustines 2019

€ 52

First: Luke warm langoustine 42°C with tea of fennel, celery and vanilla, a small fresh salad of caviar and lovage.

Second: Roasted langoustine with physalis, divers carrots, a light Eastern jus of red pepper, ginger, kaffir leave and lemongrass.



Wintergarden 2019

€ 32

This is our salad of different winter vegetables, mushrooms, black winter truffle, in divers preparations, divers textures and tastes.