Flora & fauna

5-courses € 145     |       6-courses € 158



North sea crab, miso & wasabi

Fresh North Sea crab with miso cream, sweet and sour cucumber mousseline, cucumber marinated in citrus, jus of seaweed and vinaigrette of dill, wasabi and dashi.



Dutch coast turbot

Turbot lacked with vadouvan, different cauliflower textures with a fresh salad, tarragon vinaigrette, beurre noisette and lime.



Trout from Vaassen & black truffle

Slowly prepared trout with a cream of celeriac and chavroux with a lukewarm celeriac salad with black truffle and a jus of kummel.



Anjou pigeon, salsify & hazelnut

Pigeon prepared on carcass with smoked and glazed salsify, jus of hazelnut and vinaigrette of nutmeg.




Diversity of flavours of the season…!

 If you prefer cheese instead of dessert in one of the menu’s, we have to charge a supplement of € 14,50.




€ 172

Nature, Creation, Discovery & Innovation




4-courses  € 95



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