Main courses

Dutch coastal turbot

€ 55

Turbot lacked with vadouvan, divers cauliflower textures with a fresh salad, tarragon vinaigrette, beurre noisette and lime.



Trout from vaassen & black truffle

€ 46

Slowly prepared trout with a cream of celeriac and chavroux with a luke warm celeriac salad with black truffle and a jus of kummel.



Roe deer, pistachio & onion

€ 62

Roe deer lightly prepared with spices, pistachio and stewed white onion with sherry vinaigrette and a roe deer jus with aceto balsamico.



Anjou pigeon, salsify & hazelnut

€ 44

Pigeon prepared on carcass with smoked and glazed salsify, jus of hazelnut and vinaigrette of nutmeg.



Beef, sambai & cumin

€ 55

Beef with different structures of parsnip, preserved Chinese cabbage with sambai, cream of cumin and vinaigrette of chorizo.



Some of our main courses require extra time to prepare. We ask you to understand this.