Jacob Jan Boerma

The road that led to today’s Restaurant De Leest has been one of total focus on and dedication to the profession, a constant looking out for new challenges, non-stop learning, and clever anticipation of everything that crosses one’s path.

After Jacob Jan had worked both nationally and internationally with various world-renowned chefs, his path was crossed with an opportunity for him and Kim to open their own business. They dared to take the plunge in 2002. Within six months, Restaurant De Leest in Vaassen had earned its first Michelin star. The second followed in November 2007 and the third in 2014.

In 2010 Gault & Millau awarded Jacob Jan Boerma the title Chef of the Year, citing the way he blends his travel experience—in Asia and Scandinavia, for example—into cosmopolitan, creative dishes. New ingredients, new flavours and new experiences form the basis of the food philosophy of this chef, who has Dutch roots and a predilection for vegetable dishes with fresh tones, sour accents and spices.

Since 2013 Jacob Jan Boerma has been on lists of the world’s best 50 chefs. This can be seen on the website www.lechef.com, among other places. In that same year he qualified as an SVH master chef, which is the highest title awarded in the Netherlands for excellence in this field.